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Highly Qualified Experienced Massage Therapist & Dermalogica Skin Specialist

 The Best Of Massage Therapy In Edinburgh 

Many things can contribute to long lasting back pain in adults across the country – from hunching over a laptop, to sitting in meetings all day to chronic illness. At Nat-Touch, I understand how hard it can be to find the time to visit a massage therapist, but my service is the solution. I offer a wide range of therapies all from the comfort of your home or office in and around Edinburgh. What are you waiting for? Call me on +447727969222 today and book an appointment.

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As you are probably aware, reflexology is based on the theory that areas of your feet and hands correspond to specific body systems and organs. I have mastered the technique of applying pressure to the feet and hands in order to bring you both healing and relaxation. The reflexology procedures I provide will give you numerous feel-good benefits and may result in improved blood circulation and general relaxation of body tensions. Customer intimacy is a value I hold dear and I know it is what sets me apart as the leading provider of reflexology.

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Dermalogica customised Proskin Treatments- Using the finest natural ingredients number one Worldwide skin care brand for the more healthier skin ever.

From the first cleanse to the very last moisture completely customised throughout the treatment so that you get the best results and forfill your skin needs. 

Treat all skin types conditions and concerns 

promotional Service NEW BioLumin -C Eye Serum 

proskin 60 add on 15 mins eye brightener 

proskin 30 add on 15 mins eye brightener 

Price List

Customised Dermalogical Pro Skin Facial


30 mins

MicroZone quick action facial treatments delivers incredible results designed to forfill your skin needs .
This Skin treatment is completely customised for your skin type and condition.
Add on 15 mins >New Eye brightening treatment £16 or …

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Customised Dermalogical Pro Skin Facial


60 mins

 The full dermalogica skin experience customised throughout , de-stress touch therapy working the facial muscle ,ultimate de-stress décolleté shoulder neck massage . Beautiful refreshing therapy 

carried out by dermalogica skin specialist 

Upper body Thermal Scrub Polish


30 mins
finest natural botanical salt scrub customised oils, hot stream cleanse removal, the powerful blend of ingredients applying the moisture with a relaxing massage leaving the skin silky soft and feeling renewed . 

Full Body Thermal Scrub Polish


60 mins

Design Brows Shaping


Design BrowsTinting


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